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7 Modern lifestyle Taiwan high-tech

7 Modern lifestyle Taiwan high-tech

7 Modern lifestyle Taiwan high-tech - Taiwan Unveils high-tech modern lifestyles in Taiwan Expo 2017 at the JCC, 12-14 May 2017. Taiwan Expo 2017 which takes the theme Where Technology Meets Modern Lifestyle was organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA).

High-tech lifestyle of Taiwan introduced in seven Taiwan pavilion Expo 2017. Of which Taiwan Excellence, Green Product, Taiwan Taiwan Tourism, Healthcare, Design Power, Taiwan Agriculture, Education & Career.

Taiwan Excellence Pavilion displays a wide series of products that have the technology of the future. For example product X 21 Predator who became swell notebook innovations first in the world equipped with eye tracking technology. There are also small electric-scooter S21 which becomes the best choice for the elderly when travelling.

Meanwhile the Green Pavilion Product will show off their three main areas which is evidence of Taiwan's technology in regeneration of resources. Technology for the recycling of plastic and coffee residues and recycled glass bottles and is also shown.

Taiwan's medical technology will also expose the treatment

effective cancer in Taiwan Pavilion Healthcare. The arena is also used for a variety of medical technology achievement of Taiwan and introduced a form of service in the medical company in Indonesia.

In addition to producing a wide range of high-tech products are famous in the world, Taiwan is also home to a variety of beautiful scenery and rich culture. Moreover, Taiwan now are promoting travel packages for muslim travellers from Indonesia in the Pavilion Design Power.

On the other hand Taiwan Pavilion Agriculture brings a variety of sophisticated facilities of agriculture in Taiwan, additional ingredients for food, food processing, and a variety of farm machinery. This helps improve understanding and cooperation in development between Taiwan and Indonesia.

The last is a Career Education Pavilion &, two most important associations join forces to boost bilateral academic exchanges between Taiwan and Indonesia. To complement the center of integral education for foreign students, there are Contact Taiwan government website to find a wide variety of talented professionals around the world to live and work in Taiwan.

Not only that, there are still 140 Taiwan exhibitors showcasing a variety of products in its latest thematic exhibition area. As Cosmetics & Personal Care, Food Drinks, Halal & Products, Home Products, ICT Products, Sports and outdoors, Taichung & Good Life. SINGTEX, for example, will show off the yarn and fabric made of powdered coffee dregs Jun Lung Rubber will introduce their technology for transforming waste tires into eco-friendly materials.

So, ready to get acquainted closer with modern lifestyle tech and environment-friendly tourism in Taiwan? Directly come to the Taiwan Expo 2017!
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