Terms of Use

  •  Posts on this blog mostly use the technique: type, type, type who is in the head, edit-edit a little, then PUBLISH. I make this blog as a place to practice writing & no intention at all to copas the writings of other parties or offend other parties. However, if I have written something that inadvertently offends the Other Party, please let me know in the comment field. I will edit or delete immediately;
  • You may publish some or all of my posts with or without prior permission provided that they include links to them

  • About Image Link, for now my hosting is still strong, please link images on this blog on your blog, but if my hosting has started not strong, I will change the name of the image file which will cause the image will not appear on your blog;

  • I am now not moderating the comments manually, but I am using a capture free webvitaly anti-spam plugin to make it easier for visitors to comment. If any promotional comment still passes or an inappropriate comment will I delete;

  • I invite you to blogwalking, just say hello, pertamax, duaxx dst. But I do not guarantee to visit again .... and as much as possible I will reply to incoming comments. But if I do not reply or balesnya long.